My Friday Night

Alright I can’t believe that the day has already passed me by. I have been spending most my entire day busting my back side trying to write enough blog posts so that I am able to redeem tomorrow. That way I can pay bills and have money to eat and what not for the weekend. It hasn’t been easy I have to admit.

But anywho. So I am proud to say that I am almost done with my online work or at least done with the online work that I had to get finished. So after this blog post I just need to write one more. Then either after 11 at night tonight or sometime early saturday I am going to publish all the blog posts that I have written and then redeem my points for a $100 paypal payout as my redemption. I have a paypal debit card so hopefully if the money gets there early Saturday I should be just fine.

But what I plan on doing tonight is finishing writing up this blog post and then writing one more blog post after that so I don’t have anymore pressure to get my online work finished. Then I think what I will do is take a shower and shave and what not. I will probably get dressed and put on what I am going to wear later tonight when Adrian comes and picks me up sometime after 9 pm.

I might end up getting some soda or using one of my gift cards to get some food and coffee so I have energy and so I am not so hungry for the rest of the night. After that I will work on getting my hair and makeup done as well as packing for my weekend that I will be spending with Adrian.

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