My Budgies

Right now I live in a small one bedroom apartment. A few years ago my Mom suggested that I get a little budgie or a parakeet. And I am glad that one day after work I went to Petsmart and purchased this adorable little green and yellow budgie.

I ended up naming him, Pistachio. I wasn’t sure if he was a boy or girl until he was almost a year old. The way that you tell the gender of a budgie is by the color of there cere or the patch right above there beak. His went from a blue to a purple color. I realized he was a boy by the way he acts and also by the fact that his cere stayed that dark purple color.

I had to work on hand taming my little Pistachio for a month or so. Once he warmed up to me he became very close to me. About a year and a half ago I decided to get a second budgie and I wanted to name her after a nut name to go with Pistachio but also keep up the tradition that I had of naming all my birds an ash name. I had a blue budgie when I was little and I named her Ashley. When I got a little older my Mom got an African gray that I named Ashes and then I got my sweet little Pistachio. So I wanted to get a budgie and name it Cashew.

Cashew is a pretty rainbow colored budgie. She turned out to be a girl. And she can be a loud and bossy girl. Pistachio is such a social butterfly that he feel in love with Cashew the moment that I brought her home. Pistachio is still a Mama’s boy and often visits me and give me tons of kisses but he also spends a great deal of time with his girl Cashew.

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