Is Personapaper Even Worth It?!

So I make most of my money blogging here on blogjob. I am able to make up to $12 per day over here. But there are limits. Once I reach them that is it. I can write some blog posts and put them in drafts but other then that I have no more online work to do as far as blogging goes.

I do sometimes write on the blogging site Personapaper but I am starting to wonder, is personapaper even worth it? Each blog post that you write has to be at least 500 characters long. It isn’t much. That is about two paragraphs or so which isn’t bad but I figure each one takes at least 5 min maybe more to write.

For each blog post that I write I avg. out to maybe 3 cents or so if I am lucky. That is with tons of commenting on other member’s blog posts so that they return the favor and also I need to promote and share my blog posts like crazy. All for 3 cents.

I can write up to 15 blog posts over there ever 24 hours. So that would be around 45 cents per day if I am lucky. I am starting to think should I even waist my time blogging over there?! I would much rather write drafts over here on Blogjob and earn myself some days off.

Or maybe making more videos for Youtube or something like that. I admit that I haven’t given up on them completely but I am starting to have very strong doubts about them. I am still working toward making min. payout over there. But I doubt I will try very hard. I mean really I think I have been blogging long enough that my writing should be worth a little bit more then 3 cents. I don’t know maybe that it is just me.


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