I’m Excited For Tonight

So tonight sometime after 9pm or at least I hope it will be then, so that I can finish all of my online work, the guy I have been dating, Adrian will be picking me up so we can spend the weekend together. I am really excited for tonight and just looking forward to it.

I really have been enjoying spending time with him ever since I meet him about 3 and a half weeks ago. He has been so sweet to me. He treats me like a princess. And he is a nerd which I love and he seems like a good guy too which I deserve a guy like that in my life.

We have been spending our weekends together ever since we first meet. I really do enjoy spending time with him. I hate to admit this out loud but I have to say that I do really like this guy. We seem to get along so well. We just seem to really click. Him and I have so much fun together and have a lot of the same interests. Even when we cuddle it just feels so right. And to be honest cuddling is great but I haven’t felt like this with anyone ever. Almost like we are a puzzle piece and we just fit together so perfect. I know corny right?! But it just feels right at least now.

Who knows what may become of us. It isn’t as if we are official just yet lol. And you never know if we might become something more or not. It is hard to say. But all that I know is right now we are having a great time enjoying one another and it has been positive for both of us so far. And who could really ask for more?


One thought on “I’m Excited For Tonight

  1. Sounds like you’ll have another grand weekend can’t wait to hear about it

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