I Need To Be Making More

So if I manged to get all of the online work done that I currently have each and every single day, I think I would be able to make somewhere around $600. But the truth is that I need to be making more money. I have to figure out how I can be earning even more then I currently am online.

I am trying to drive more traffic to sites like here, as well as on my Youtube videos from my Youtube channels but I do have to admit that it isn’t the easiest task. It takes a great deal of hard work to grow traffic and it doesn’t happen over night. Plus there is no set or easy answer on making it happen.

But in addition to driving more traffic I need to figure out more ways on how I am able to earn money online. I need to be able to make at least $1500 or more a month online. I wish there was an easy answer. I have tried and searched and more often then not come up empty handed.

I wish someone could teach me how or there was somewhere that I could go to learn how to do just that. If I made $1500 a month my life would be so much better then it currently is now. If I was able to make $3000 a month I would be in heaven and would be able to live and not worry about bills and even improve my life a great deal.

I don’t mind having to work hard and put in several hours a day. I would do that if I knew just how to do it. I guess I need to try and figure out how I can make it happen and work until I make it a reality.

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