How I Want My Near Future To Look Like

So I want to plan and imagine what I want my near not too distant future to look like. I realize that we don’t have full and total control of every entire and single aspect to our life. But we can still plan and look forward to some parts of it. So I would like to try and figure out what that looks like to me. I am talking about maybe within the next few months. Sometime this year hopefully.

Now I do have fibromyalgia so sometimes that can just sap me of energy and completely drain me from being able to get much if any work done at all. Alright I do admit I could push just a little bit harder and I think if I did every single day I could get a lot more done. So I want to do away with the excuse that fibromyalgia has me beat. I don’t think sitting down and doing online work is all that complex for me really. If I plan out what I want to do then I can make it happen. So I want to try to fight and win my fibromyalgia battle most days as best as I can.

I would like to get in the habit of working harder online. If I can manage to make at least $400-$500 more online I would be able to plan for a better life for myself. I think with the money that I get I would like to save and then invest into better equipment for my Youtube channel. That way hopefully I can have higher quality videos and also help more people while hopefully making a lot more money too.

And more money means that I can further improve upon my abilities to help others as well as my life.

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