How I Got Into Blogging

I have always loved writing ever since I was very little. I remember being six years old writing stories on paper dreaming about one day publishing books and becoming a professional writer. Once I got a little bit older I started writing in diaries.

I recall my Mom being overprotective and snooping around my Room. I remember her reading some of my diaries. And that was horrible for a kid as you could imagine. So I started writing my life and my feelings down on a blog on the website Xanga.

It was a great place for me to express my feelings and also grow as a writer. Of course my Mom ended up prying into those writings too. I stopped writing for a while after I was maybe 18 or so aside from school work and what not for college.

Then once I was about 22 or so I started dabbling in writing once again. I discovered a website called Bubblews and began blogging for some extra cash for them. They paid me once but then “lost” well over $100 that I made. Needless to say I gave up on them a long time before they ended up shutting down.

Luckily I found a blog post over there about this site, called blogjob. I started writing for blogjob and just absolutely feel in love with it. I am not sure exactly when I first joined here I think it has been around 2 almost 3 years or so. I love writing for blogjob.

Sometimes I do write a little for personapaper. I hardly make much over there. On avg. I make about 3 cents per blog. Though it is something it isn’t very much. My main focus now is blogjob but I do occasionally write over on personapaper too. Blogjob is the best writing site and the highest paying one too that I have found.


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