Depression And Some Things That Help Me

I do suffer from Depression and that really can be a struggle more often then not. But there are some things that I have found that help me better deal with life and face my depression. These things make it a little easier so that I am able to deal with life and so depression doesn’t take full control of my life. So here are some things that help me with depression.

Writing has helped me a great deal. It makes me feel so much better. No matter if I am writing a blog post and or writing in my very own personal journal. Writing makes a huge difference and just allows me to express my feeling and feel so much better.

Working out and dancing does wonders for my mood. It just makes me feel so much better. I have to admit whenever depression has me feeling down even if I dance for a few min. or so I can turn my mood all the way around and feel so much better. And it doesn’t matter if I am taking a dance class, teaching a dance class, dancing or performing on stage, dancing with friends or just in the comfort of my own home. Blasting some music and dancing has been a life changer for me no doubt.

Doing My Makeup and hair. For me this just makes me feel so much better. It feels like no matter if I plan on staying home or going out I feel good and can spend time going somewhere or with other people if I choose to. It really helps me feel so much better. Some days I don’t have a great deal of energy to do all that, but when I do it seems like a good mood booster.

And those are just some things that help me with depression. How do you deal with depression?

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