Completing Projects On Blogjob

Here on blogjob when you first join I think you are allowed something like 150 points max per day of a point limit. You are allowed to complete various projects so that you can increase your daily allowed point limit. I have managed to complete enough now so that I am able to earn up to 1200 points here per day.

There are several different tasks that you can do in order to up the amount of points that you can earn on a given day. Social Networker is the first one and that increases your daily point limit by 100 points. You can accomplish this task by referring 250 visitors to the site and getting 2 people to sign up. Registration to the site here I think is closed right now but when it is open that task is fairly easy enough to do. I have accomplished that one.

The next task on the list is Personal Blogger. You can increase your daily point limit by 250 by completing this task. You can do it by writing unique blog posts that are at least 300 words or more per blog posts. So that is very easy to do. Basically just follow the writing rules and guidelines over here. Then you need to refer up to 1000 or more visitors to your blog site. I know that sounds like a lot of work but really it isn’t. You probably get tons of views just from members here on blogjob alone. And then if you share your blog a small handful of times on other social networks you can easily get that much in traffic.

I have completed all the tasks here but two of them. I want to work on the professional blogger task next. I need to get about 10,000 worth of traffic to my blog site per month in order to make that happen.


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