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I have been a blogger for several years now. I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts, ideas and knowledge with other people while earning a little bit of money. Online work is currently my main source of income. There are several different blogging sites that I blog on.

I just discovered 3tags yesterday. I am still getting a bit familiar with this site but so far I have to say that I like it a lot. Other sites that I blog on are,
Blogjob one of my favorites blogging sites so far. Blogjob has some what of a social aspect to it. If you wait until you have 10,000 points and redeem for a $100 paypal payment. Which I always go for, then each point you make on the site is equal to one sent. I am able to earn a limit of 1200 poins or $12 each day. Your rewarded 50 cents or 50 points per blog and you are even allowed to monetize your blogs as well. They even give you points for commenting, liking posts and things like that.

Another blogging site that I blog on is,
Personapaper, Personapaper gives you coins when your articles get views from both members and non members. You are also able to get coins for commenting on other blog posts. I think for every 6-7 coins you make it is equal to 1 cent. I haven’t made much over there but you can make a bit if you are super active and drive traffic to your posts.

I also have started blogging once again on
Hubpage I guess they post ads and monetize your blog for you so you can earn money with the traffic that your blog or hubpage gets. I just started focusing on hubpage once again so I haven’t earned very much just yet. Hopefully I will be able to spend more time writing articles there.

I use to blog for Bubblews for a long time. I gave up on them shortly after they lost a couple hundred in payments. As some of you may know they ended up shutting down. I just started blogging a little on mylots and then I will write now and again for bitlanders.

And blogging is only one way that I make my online income. How do you guys earn online? What sites do you use?


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  1. thanks for sharing this info!

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