Bills That Are Due

So I really need to work hard from now until the next couple of weeks so that I can pay my bills. I have so many bills that are currently due. For example I have my light and energy bill that I owe something like $200 toward. I have been making payments and I hope that they are fine with that and don’t end up just shutting off my power or anything like that.

I wish that I was able to make more money faster but it is what it is. Then I have to pay $60 my final payment toward my braces. I am suppose to go in next week but more then likely I will have to call and go in the week after that. I was suppose to call today but I have been so crazy busy with all the work that I have to do that I doubt that I will have the time to make that happen.

In addition to that my rent insurance expired and my apartments office has been calling and complaining about that. So I need to make enough to make a payment on that so that everything will be alright and so they won’t kick me out or anything like that. I am so worried. I mean the payment will only be about $24 or so but I have like a couple dollars in the bank and no magic way of making money any faster then I have been right now.

I also owe money toward my internet bill that will be due here in a couple weeks. That is usually pretty high. It is my cable and my internet. And I have to pay that so that I am able to do my online work.

Yesh so frustrating but I can make it happen. What other choice do I have?!

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