Being Healthier

I really need to work on being healthier. Even if that means making small tiny changes in my life. And I don’t just mean by eating better, working out more and things like that. I want to get healthy in all aspects of my life.

I want to live a good and full life and need to figure and plan how I am going to go about doing that. So for starters I do need to be eating way better then I have been. I must admit that I have been eating a lot of junk food lately and not watching what I eat really much at all. So I think I am not going to go hard on myself and eat completely healthy even though that would be better. Instead for now I think I am going to set a goal to start eating at least one healthy snack or meal per day. I will try to make healthier choices with food but this will get me started. Then I can work on eating healthier then I am.

I also need to start working out more. As much as I want to go hard and get fit super fast instead considering that I do have fibromyalgia and depression and am probably a tad bit out of shape I may end up trying to work out at least once a week to start with. For at least 30 min.

Another healthy goal that I want to work on is working more often. I want to try and write at least 24 blog posts 5 days per week. Since I have been and may continue spending the weekends with my guy, I might try and blog ahead when I am able to and save those blog posts to publish on the weekends. That way I still get my work done but can enjoy my time with him.

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