60 Blog Posts A Day

I recall back in the day when I first joined Blogjob. We didn’t have any sort of point limits so we were allowed to earn as many points as we wanted to each and every single day. Now I have a daily point limit of 1200 points. Or up to about 24 blog posts per day. It has been a very long time since I even manged to write 24 blog posts in a single day. Of course I recently just did and it wasn’t so bad but I do have to admit that it doesn’t happen very often.

I am shocked and even amazed that at one point in time over here I was able to write 60 blog posts a day some days. Of course this wasn’t a daily event but I have utterly no clue how I found the energy to mange to write that many blog posts in a single day. It must have taken me at least 12 hours maybe even longer to manage to write that many.

I do admit that I miss the good old days when we didn’t have limits. Days like today I would be able to publish my blog posts such as this one without having to worry about any sort of limits. But at the same time I completely understand the limits and why they are there too.

I guess I need to focus harder on blogging like I use to. I don’t even know how I manged to come up with enough topics to write 60 blog posts. Yish. Well I still love blogging and I am happy that if we do reach our point limits as I have today we are able to save our blog posts in draft and then publish them and earn credits the next day. For that I am thankful.


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