Things I Have Discovered About Dating In Your 20s

Right now I am 27 years old. I will be turning 28 on October 8. My how time flys. I am getting so close to 30 years old. I am currently single, though I have been dating this guy for a few weeks now. I have discovered many things about dating in my 20s that I would like to share with you. Hopefully this little bit of wisdom can help you in your life. I’m offering you some advice of what I have discovered about dating in your 20s.

Bad Boys Vs Good Guys

I admit when I was younger I had a thing for bad boys. They were so attractive to me. And it can be a little exciting dating a guy who is wild and unpredictable. But as I got older and have dated my fair share of both good guys as well as bad boys I have discovered that good guys are so much better. Bad boys can break your heart and are usually you never know where you stand with them. If you want a little excitement, go on an adventure or try something extreme like sky diving or even a roller coaster. But sooner or later you will discover that its the good guys that will leave you wanting more.

All good guys are different, but they are the ones that will look after you. They will take care of you and treat you with respect. They are kind and even sweet sometimes. Find a guy who has your best interest at heart. Because bad boys may be fun, but they will usually end up hurting you and breaking your heart. Its the good guys that you will be happy with. They are the ones that you’ll be able to give your heart to and even follow your dreams because they will believe in you.

So as appealing as the bad boys just may be, I hope that in time you discover what took me too many heart breaks to realize that you too deserve a good guy. A good man who will truly love and take care of you.

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