My Experience On Personapaper

I have been a member on the blogging site, Personapaper since Aug. 2014. On Personapaper they allow you to write up to 15 blogs per day. Each blog has to be a min. of 500 characters long or longer, and they have to be spaced at least 15 min. apart.

You can talk about other websites and even include links and Youtube videos, just as long as you don’t include any referral or affiliate links of any kind in your posts. The site gives you points when someone views your blog posts. You need to get a little over 13,000 points over there, which is equal to $20, and they pay you out via paypal once you have reached min. and they verify that your content is good and your account is in good standing.

For every single view that your blog posts get over there you get 2 coins. You are credited points for both members of the site as well as for non members too. You can share your blog posts to encourage others to visit your blog to read your articles as well as to gain more points when someone reads what you have written.

I try and promote my blog posts over there but don’t seem to get a ton of views from the content that I write. I guess it isn’t a highly popular website or so it seems. They also give you one coin for each comment that you give on other members blog posts as well. I have written almost 90 blog posts over there. In my bank I have 1821 coins which is equal to $2.73.

I admit that I haven’t been as active as I should have over the time since I have joined. But considering I tend to avg. out to about 3 cents or so per blog it hardly seems worth it. But money is money and at least it is something.

One thought on “My Experience On Personapaper

  1. @Sadie Marie, i have already quit the site long back itself, because of low payment.

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