Making Money And Redeeming On Tsu

I have been a member on the social network that pays you, Tsu ever since October 2014. They first launched Tsu that month. I think that I joined a week or two after they began. With Tsu you are allowed up to 45 posts per day. 15 of those posts can be shares from other members. How it works is that when you post some original content created by you they also show ads alongside the content. You basically are paid based upon views and how well the ads do.

I currently have almost 12,200 followers and 5000 friends. They also have a referral program. How it works is that you can introduce other people to sign up using your Tsu, short code. For example mine is: And when someone joins Tsu with your code you get 33 percent of what they make when they post content. They are what is referred to as Tsu children.

If someone signed up using your Tsu code, or your “Tsu child” got someone to sign up using there short code then there known as your “Tsu grandchild” and you make 11 percent of what there content makes. And so on and so forth.

In addition to my followers as well as my friends I have almost 700 “Tsu children” or people who signed up using my tsu code. I have over 3100 in my Tsu network. Which means that those 700 invited over 2400 people using there code or people they invited signed up. Basically people in my downline got others to join. Now not all of them are active but some still are.

It took me around 11 months to be able to redeem $100 over on Tsu. I have successfully gotten my first Tsu redemption check already. I now make around 19 to 60 cents or so most days on Tsu. It really isn’t much considering all the time that I have invested before. But it does pay more then other networks such as Facebook, or even twitter that doesn’t pay you a single cent for content that you post.

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