Debating On Writing On Personapaper

I have been a member of the blogging site, Personapaper now since Aug. 2016. I gave up on the site for quite some time but started blogging a bit more lately. I was hoping if I gave it another shot I would be able to hopefully make more money blogging and also so that I could reach min. payout over there of $20.

I have now written almost 90 blog posts on Personapaper. And my avg. that I make per blog post is about 3 cents or so. It ends up being 500 characters or more per blog post that I write. It doesn’t take very long to write a blog on the site. But at the same time I really think my writing should be worth at least a little more then just a mere 3 cents.

I get 50 cents automatically over here on Blogjob for each blog post that I write. Of course they have to be a bit longer but it is so worth it. And on top of that I am and have monetized all of my blog sites on blogjob so that I can earn some additional money when my blog gets a little bit of traffic. I admit it hasn’t been much that I have earned through monetization over here, but at least it is something.

On Personapaper we aren’t allowed to monetize our blogs or even mention a referral site or include any affiliate links what so ever. That is against there rules over there. So basically the only way to earn is when someone views your content or when you comment on other member’s blog posts. The site itself doesn’t seem to be very popular so I have a tough time even driving a tiny bit of traffic to my posts.

So my end thoughts are is it even worth spending my time writing over there?! I guess if I wrote the max amount of blog posts over here and even wrote some and saved them in drafts then it might be. Or if I had a quick thought I wanted to get out there. But other then that 3 cents or so per article hardly seems worth it.

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