Dating Good Guys

Alright so I have to admit that when I was younger I had a serious thing for bad boys. Those rebels that would excite you and leave you wanting more. Maybe it was the fact that you never knew where you stood and the uncertainty and a level of excitement that came along with it. Perhaps it was the fact that they seemed so strong.

As I got older I started realizing the real truth about those so called bad boys. More often then not they would end up breaking my heart and as crazy fast as they came into my life, they left like a storm, or a tornado leaving a mess of pieces of my heart that I had to pick up. Not to mention my life felt like a complete and utter mess while dating guys like this.

Suddenly I realized that dating a good guy isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. Sure they may not always be so wild and crazy as a bad boy, but at the end of the day you feel so much better with a man who is good and treats you right then with a bad boy.

I discovered that I deserved so much better than a bad boy who was going to mistreat me. I started falling for the good guys. The ones who have respect for you. Who have manners and are concerned with what you want. They aim to please you and try there hardest to make you happy.

And what girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess? To know her heart will be save because she is with the good guy. A nice guy. And even the good guys hold a lot of good tricks up there sleeves. They have exciting elements too.

I hope that if you haven’t realized it by now that you will. You deserve to be treated right and that is something most good guys are able to do!

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