Changing My Work Habits

I have a ton of online work that I need to do each and every single day. I work just about most days. But I must admit that I don’t always do as much work online as I can or that I am suppose to. For example I could write up to 24 blog posts over here. I haven’t reached my point limit on blogjob in a very long time. And sure writing that much is a lot but I could do it if I set my mind to it.

And I have other sites that I work on that I haven’t been doing all the work that I need to. I really need to change my work habits so that I am making at least as much as I am able to and then even trying to make a little bit more if I am able to.

I do admit that working online from home and being your own boss is far from easy. Sure it is great to work from the comforts of home. To be able to make your own hours and work as much or as little as you please but I need to start getting in the habit of working way harder then I have been.

I know each day I have to write 24 blog posts over here as well as up to 15 over on personapaper. Well with that in mind maybe if I started out the day writing down a list of 39 or so ideas of what I could blog on either at night before I go to bed or once I wake up, might make my day a tad bit easier.

I need to start setting goals. Sure I do have a ton of online work that needs to be done each day but if I planned for it and dedicated my mornings to getting it done I bet you it wouldn’t be nearly as hard as I make it out to be in my mind.

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