Why Am I So Tired

I have gotten more then enough sleep last night. But for whatever reason I just woke up feeling so tired and drained. I have no idea why or even what is going on with me. I guess it could be my fibromyalgia. It does tend to tire me out more often then not.

I am trying my best to work a little bit but I just feel so drained. I almost want to just crawl back into bed and try and take a nap or something. Though I am going to fight it as best as I can. I wish that I was making even more money then I currently am. Maybe then I would be able to spend more time doing fun stuff instead of dedicating so much time just to working.

So maybe this tiredness that I am feeling is fibromyalgia then again, perhaps it is depression. Or maybe it is a combination of both. I am a fighter and I am going to try my hardest to just focus on work so I can hopefully feel a little bit better. Maybe working will help me not feel as tired. If I am lucky it can motivate me.

I wish I was making more money. I wish things were better in my life. I feel so stressed out and I would imagine that probably doesn’t help much either. Maybe my therapist can get to the bottom of this. I really hope that one day soon my hypnotherapy will start taking a positive effect in my life.

It would be great to wake up each day with energy. Or at least to be able to find some sort of energy and motivation throughout the day. I’ve heard that the best way to motivate yourself is by doing. So I am going to try and take action today and work. I hope that it helps.


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