Work For Today

I have a lot of work to do today. I feel a tad bit overwhelmed with everything that I need to accomplish. It isn’t even 12 at night here and I am thinking about possibly pulling an all nighter tonight. That way I can focus on getting all my online work finished once and for all.

I need to make that a daily habit. I haven’t been most days and that really isn’t good at all. I am able to write a total of 24 blog posts here on blogjob. I have written one so far today and this one makes my second one. So after this I will have 22 more to go. I am going to have to brainstorm and come up with some ideas on what I am going to write all my blog posts about, because this isn’t the only site that I blog on.

In addition to blogging here, I also need to work on maximizing my 45 posts that I am allowed over on Tsu. I have posted several so far but no wear near the amount that I am allowed. I would like to see just about how much I would be able to make over there if I reached my post limit each and every single day.

I also have 3 YouTube channels. I would like to make between 1-3 videos for each one of those. It shouldn’t take me too long to accomplish that. It is mainly the whole getting ready, getting my makeup and hair done and what have you that is so time consuming.

I’m able to write up to 15 blog posts per day on personapaper and 4 articles over on 3tags. I have no limits on Rabadaba and there are a few other ways that I make money too. I am going to focus on the sites that give me limits and then go from there.

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