Maximizing My Online Earnings

Working online is my main source of income. I have several different websites that I use to make my online earnings. Most of the work that I do is a form of content creation. From creating blogs, to sharing photos, and videos and what not.

Most of the sites and apps that I use have daily limits. Like here for example I am able to earn up to 1200 points per day, no more then that. Or on personapaper I can write up to 15 blog posts. Tsu allows me to post 45 times per day or every 24 hours, 15 of which can be shares.

Some sites such as Rabadaba and Youtube don’t have limits of any kind. Of course I probably wouldn’t want to post like 100 videos a day on each of my Youtube channels. But might end up aiming for up to 2 or 3 per channel most days.

I want to figure out how much time it will take me to complete all of my available online work. I will focus on reaching all of my limits that each site has imposed upon me and after that I could focus some time on the sites such as Rabadaba that don’t currently have limts.

From there once I know how much time I need to accomplish all of my work then I can do some time management planning on my work for each day. Then I can figure out how much I could make currently at the most and see if there is anything that I could possibly change or tweak to make more or if it is possible for me to add additional ways of making money online.

I’m considering pulling an all nighter tonight so that I am able to focus on getting all my work done as soon as possible so I can really and truly maximize my earnings each day.

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