Gaining More Children On Tsu

Tsu is a social networking site very similar to Facebook. The only difference with Tsu is that instead of keeping the money that your content makes Tsu gives you 90 percent of that revenue. How it works is that just like Facebook they place ads on the pages of user’s profiles. These ads that show up generate the site revenue. Facebook has made millions upon millions of dollars all from user content. Tsu lets members keep a majority of the revenue.

I go by the name SadieMarie on Tsu. I have been a member there ever since they first launched there site. Maybe a week or two after. I have been doing pretty good. I have tons of friends and followers. I really enjoy Tsu a lot. The cool thing about Tsu is that they do some MLM. You can invite other people to join known as Tsu Children.

When those users post content you make a certain percentage off of the ad revenue that there content generates. You even get a percentage off of what there Tsu children make as well. A smaller percentage then you would off of your Tsu children but still you end up making a profit. I enjoy inviting people to join Tsu.

My main reason isn’t for the money but to give them the chance to also make some cash by sharing there content because it is only fair. I do make a bit of money from inviting people but not much. I now have 429 Tsu Children. I wish that I could have a great deal more. I try posting my Tsu short code as much as I possibly can most days.

I have been neglecting getting new users for quite a while but I have been working on it even more the last few days. Lately I have been getting an average of about 6 new children on Tsu most days. It is my goal to reach 500 children on Tsu as soon as I possibly can. I think that more people should realize there potential on Tsu and the many benefits the site offers us all. Plus the more people that are a part of Tsu the funner it becomes.


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