Wakey Wakey Eggs And Bakey

Good morning everyone, and happy Monday. I hope that you enjoy your day today. I am up early and ready to take on the day today. I have so many goals set for today. I hope that I am able to make them all happen.

I had a fabulous weekend. I hung out with the guy I just started dating, Adrian. On Friday and Saturday. We had a great time. We had some cheesecake from The Cheesecake factory, which was pretty good. We watched some movies and played tons of fun video games. I ended up spending the night because we were up so late having a good time together. We woke up the next day and played more video games. Went out to an Italian restaurant and had a delicious lunch. We both ordered Baked Ziti and had some really good garlic bread. Then we played more videos games and then I went home in the evening. lol

The next day I hung out at my sister’s place on Sunday. My niece had fun doing my makeup and playing pretend with me and my sister’s friend, Vanessa. Then the adults, my sister, my brother in law, Vanessa and I all played a fun board game for a while. I also spent a little time watching some older Casper cartoons with my niece for a little while then I went home.

And now it is Monday Morning. I am so happy that I am up early so I can set some goals and hopefully get them done. I want to write at least 25 blog posts today. 24 here and at least one on Personapaper. I would like to get some cleaning done around my place. I have a lot to do but hopefully I can at least get it all started.

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