My Plans For The Day 1/18/16

I really like planning my day ahead when I am able to. Sometimes I go a little crazy and set out to do way to many things. But today I think I should be able to reach all of my current goals . So here are my plans for the day.

I want to reach the maximum number of points here on blogjob, which is 1200 or $12. I am able to reach that many points with 24 blog posts. This is my second one. I would like to try and write at least 22 more today. It should only take me a few hours to do that. I think I can make it happen.

I don’t make very much on personapaper. Maybe a few cents per post if I am lucky. But I want to write at least one blog post over there. Maybe more if I have the time and energy. I have been a member there for a while now and still haven’t cashed out but I am hoping if I spend a little more time blogging I will be able to reach payout soon.

I also want to reach at least 30,000 points over on Rabadaba today. I have a little more then 4000 more to go. So that should be fairly easy enough to do.

I also want to try and make at least one YouTube video for my main Youtube channel. I just need to get ready for that and making the video doesn’t take much time at all.

I have tons of cleaning to do. I am planning on setting aside at least an hour to clean today. I may add more time if I manage to get everything else done.

And those are my goals for today so far. I think I should be able to manage everything that I have set out to do.


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