More Facts About Me

I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself by sharing some facts about me and what makes me, well me. I hope that you enjoy getting to know me.

  • I love animals, I use to find stray dogs when I was little and my Mom let me keep them in the courtyard until we found the owner.
  • I interned at an animal hospital when I was 13 years old.
  • I love all animals but Pomeranians have to be one of my favorite dog breeds.
  • I am my Dad’s only biological child.
  • I am super creative and even majored in dance and attended a professional makeup art school in college.
  • Lefties run in my family, I am mix handed but more right dominate.
  • I am a libra.
  • To me dancing is my life. It makes me feel alive, I am so passionate about dancing.
  • I also attended college for my Dance degree.
  • I grew up in Central California, spent a year and a half in southern California and then moved to Colorado. I have been here ever since.
  • Southern California is the closest place I’ve felt at home with in my life so far.
  • I use to be a gymnast when I will younger.
  • I love writing so much, ever since I was about 6 I’ve loved it. I now blog and have even published a couple of books.
  • Networking is my forte. Back in the myspace days I had something like 3 million or so friends.
  • I love network marketing, business and promotions.
  • I am a serious foodie. I love trying new things, especially exotic foods.
  • I am naturally a leader and really good at management despite the fact that I am normally fairly quite at first.
  • I love therapy and art. I am so happy that I am able to combine both interests as an ASMR Artist on Youtube.

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