Working Hard Online

I have several different ways that I make money online. I blog both here and personapaper and sometimes dailytwocents. I make most of the money here but a few extra cents on the other two blogging sites as well. Then I have a few Youtube channels that help me make money too.

I’m a member on Tsu as well as Rabadaba. Both of them are paid social media sites and I have made over $551 from both sites combined. I also have several apps that I make money from too. Then there is Poostloop and slice the pie as well as a couple of other sites that I am able to make a little extra cash.

All in all I would be able to make an extra $500-$600 or so for working online each month. It isn’t much but it is something. I haven’t been dedicating my time as hard as I should to earning that much. It does take a ton of hours to make that much but if I did that I could do things like invest my money so that I was making even more.

I could invest in things like better filming equipment and what not for my Youtube channel. Then with higher quality videos hopefully I would be making even more money. I could even try taking classes like filming classes, photography classes even writing or acting classes to help improve my skills so that I was hopefully able to make even more money online.

Sure what I do I enjoy but it is a lot of work right now. I just need to focus and dedicate myself each and every single day and make it happen. Hopefully I don’t end up getting burnt out because it will probably require tons and tons of hours just to make that much. But hopefully in the end it will all be worth it.


3 thoughts on “Working Hard Online

  1. Hope you are able to make more online soon with these sites.. it’s indeed a lot of work to earn little online!

  2. I have d2c and PP but I am not active anymore. I also had Wikinut and decided to delete my account when it changed the platform to non paying site.

    • Blogjob seems to be the highest paying. I only make a cent or two per blog on most other blogging sites.

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