My Earnings On Tsu

Tsu is a social networking site that pays you based on how many views your content receives along with paid ads that they post with your content. I have been a member there shortly after they first started maybe a week or so after in October 2014.

I have made and redeemed $100 so far and now have almost $53 that I have earned. It took me around 10-11 months or so to earn my first $100. You have to earn $100 to be able to redeem and then they send you a check. I redeemed my first check maybe in the end of October or sometime in November.

It took them a couple of weeks to process my content and verify that everything was alright before sending me my check. I now tend to earn between 19 cents or so to about 60 some cents most days on Tsu. I’m not as active as I once was but even when I had spent 8 plus hours per day over there I was only making a little more then $1 so it was hardly worth it.

If I maxed out my posts and shares, 30 posts and 15 shares and was a little active on there I figure I should be able to make maybe 80 cents to $1 or so most days. I think I may give that a shot if I have the time and energy between making money online with all the work that I do.

It would be great if I was able to redeem a check from Tsu at least once a month but even sooner then a year would be nice too. I realize that it isn’t all about the money but it is how I pay my bills so for me it is an important aspect as well. I guess I can only try and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “My Earnings On Tsu

  1. it is same as I have a blogging site before which I work on

  2. I left Tsu a long time ago

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