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I have my own ASMR Channel on Youtube. I have two actually. My main one I do so many different kinds of ASMR videos from beauty to role playing, eating, tapping etc. I don’t have a main focus on my main channel, ASMR Sadie On my second ASMR Channel that I recently started, ASMR Sadie Beauty I do however focus on beauty related things.

Things such as makeup, hair styling and brushing my hair, doing my nails and things of that nature. Anything beauty related that will trigger ASMR. But on my ASMR Sadie channel I do also do some beauty related videos as well. I have many different beauty videos that I have done.

My Combing and cutting my hair video is my most recent beauty ASMR video that I published on my ASMR beauty channel. I used my new beauty ring light and really like the way the lighting turned out in this one.



Using styling tools and brushing hair can be a pretty common trigger for ASMR. I have done some hair styling videos before on my main ASMR channel. Below is another video that I did styling my hair, where I straighten and brush my hair. I didn’t have my beauty ring light just yet so the lighting isn’t the best but overall it isn’t a bad video.


And those are just a couple of beauty ASMR videos that I have done. I enjoy the fact that I can be very diverse when it comes to making my ASMR videos because there are so many different triggers. I am still learning, growing and improving as an ASMR artist on YouTube but I have come a long way since I made my very first video back in Jan 6th 2015. I can’t wait to see where ASMR takes me in another year.


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  1. I am not much into youtube because I don’t have video editing skills

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