First Hypnotherapy Session

Today I had my first Hypnotherapy session. I don’t think it did too much but it was only my first time after all. So I figure I more then likely won’t see really noticeable results from it until I have gone at least a few times.

For my first session I sat in a reclining chair in the doctors office. He left the room and had me put on some headphones. He spoke to me over the headphones. He had me relax and repeated many different things. It was somewhat relaxing over all.

I enjoyed the experience. I just really hope that once I keep going I will really start to see a positive change in my life. I want to improve my life and I am hoping that this may be an answer.

I have some positive and uplifting hypnotherapy recordings on my phone from the book the secret. It made me realize that what those are designed to do may just be as effective at helping in there own way. So I may end up trying to listen to those more often.

I want my life to get better and I am really hopping that any type of hypnotherapy will be able to change my life. My doctor or therapist wants me to try doing self hypnotherapy at home. That way I can learn how to get in a deeper trance like state myself.

I think I will try to and hopefully it does end up working. He said before that it should take about 4 months for it to have the full effect of it to work in my life. I guess he is taking a vacation at the end of Feb. But maybe I will be done and things will have changed for the better in my life by June or July or so.


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