Finding Out If I Won The Lottery

So I almost never play the lottery. I know that the chances of winning are typically pretty slim so I don’t tend to try and even waste money at playing it. I think that the last time I purchased a ticket for the lottery was well over 6 years ago.

But since the Powerball was so high I thought why not give it a shot. I may not win but it is exciting to imagine if I did win. I guess they draw or announce the powerball numbers at I think 8 almost 9 Pacific Standard time. So that means almost 10 here. I will find out if I won in less then an hour and a half.

Its exciting to think about how I would feel if I won and what I would do with my winnings. If I won the lottery jackpot I would probably first hire an attorney to figure out the best way of claiming the winnings. After that I might spend 100,000 or so going on shopping sprees, visiting family. Buying great equipment for my YouTube channel and helping out my family too.

I think the rest of the money I would use to invest in the best investments that I could with a great financial adviser. With the money I get from my investments I would then probably use to invest in business that I wanted. Things like a dance studio a therapy and wellness studio.

I would use the money to really make a difference in other people’s lifes. It would help me and so many others in such a positive way. I guess I will find out soon if I am rich and a millionaire. But even if I won $100,000 or even $100 I think I would be pretty happy too. We will soon find out the results and see what happens from there!


One thought on “Finding Out If I Won The Lottery

  1. I don’t want to burst your bubble but the jackpot is mine!

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