Rabadaba Vs Tsu

Rabadaba and Tsu are both social networks. They both pay you for your content but both are very different. I am going to talk a little bit about the differences of Rabadaba vs Tsu.

Tsu started in October of 2014. I am not sure the exact date that Rabadaba started up but I know it was sometime in the summer of 2015 I believe. Tsu has millions of members while Rabadaba has under 20,000. Both Tsu and Rabadaba have apps that you can use. Tsu currently has a desktop version, Rabadaba does not.

Tsu limits you to how many times you can post per day. You are allowed up to 45 posts within a 24 hour period 15 of those posts can be shares. Rabadaba on the other hand doesn’t have any limits to how much or often you are able to post and share.

Rabadaba gives you points which convert to money called rabs. You are able to actively see how many points you earn all the time. Tsu on the other hand doesn’t update your bank balance until sometime in the early morning. I typically see how much I made for the day on Tsu maybe around 2 am or so.

Rabadaba gives you points (rabs) or money based on how many upvotes or likes your content that you post gets. You also get points for voting or liking and disliking other members content. You also get points when you redab or share posts from other members when someone upvotes the content.

Tsu pays you on how many views your content gets. They post ads and it is based on the ad revenue from views on your content and the ads. Rabadaba is completely ad free.

Tsu allows you to make a certain percentage off of your downline or people that you have invited using your short code. Rabadaba pays you 2000 points or 20 cents once per day for just promoting Rabadaba on another social media.

Tsu pays you via check after you have made $100. You then submit a redemption claim and they take a week or two to review your content before sending your check in the mail. Rabadaba pays you instantly every 15th of the month if you have at least 100,000 rabs or $10.

I joined Tsu maybe a week or so after they first started. It took me about 9-10 months or so to make my first $100. Then almost 2 weeks later I got my check after redeeming. I’ve been a member on Rabadaba for almost 3 months now and have made and received over $451 not including what I will be making this upcoming 15th of the month payday.

It is easy to make money with Rabadaba and seems to be more user friendly too. Tsu is alright but it takes more hard work then it pays. I have spent 8-10 plus hours a day on Tsu just to end the night having made only $1 or so. Considering I have over 12,100 followers, 5000 friends, almost 600 in my downline that I invited and 3000 total in my downline that others have invited you’d think I’d be making a great deal more.

But either way both are a better way to make money using social media. I obviously prefer Rabadaba over Tsu but I guess to each there own.

3 thoughts on “Rabadaba Vs Tsu

  1. TSU is a pleasant site and it may take long to cash out but it’s a great atmosphere.

  2. Tsu I like gonna try the other thanks

  3. I didn’t join Tsu because it was an invite-only site.

    You are doing great with Rabadaba. I envy you! 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I didn’t join Rabadaba because I have a billing problem with Apple I cannot install any iOS app. I am on bitLanders because it works both on desktop and mobile browsers and apps. 🙂

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