Playing The Powerball Lottery

So I almost never ever ever play the lottery. I think its been well over 5 years or so since I last played. I may have gotten a few scratch off tickets here and there but I don’t really try to play the lottery. I guess the winnings are up to well over a billion or some crazy large amount right now. I just can’t believe that.

I would love to win the jackpot or even 100,000 would help me out so much in my life. It would take my life to a whole other level really. I more then likely won’t win the jackpot if even at all but it doesn’t hurt to try once in a great while.

I know many people at the gas station today were getting quick picks. I decided to go with filling in my own numbers. I guess that is actually a better method at having a slightly higher chance of winning. I figure if most of the people are losing and doing that I should try something else. lol

If I ended up winning the Jackpot I would probably first hire a lawyer to figure out the best way of clamming the money and what not. Then I might spend some buying better equipment for my YouTube channel. I would probably invest in a nice house and fill it up with furniture. I would of course help my family.

I would really improve my life and then hire a financial adviser to help me invest most of it very wisely so I could continue to earn more money. I would make a positive difference in the world. I would create jobs for other people. Try and help to heal others. I would start my own healing and wellness center maybe even have some sort of animal sanctuary too. I would make a huge positive change in this world.

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