My Gratitude List 1/11/16

I think that writing a gratitude list daily or often as possible can be very helpful in our lives in so many ways. I want to take the time out to appreciate the good in my life so this is my gratitude list for 1/11/16

  • I am so thankful that I have so much spare time to focus on my life and get things done. It allows me to reach for my dreams so I can make my life better.
  • I am grateful that I have found Rabadaba and that I have meet so many wonderful people there. I love that there isn’t any limits to how much you can make per day. I also am so happy that I have earned so much from Rabadaba it has helped me so much.
  • I am blessed that I found Blogjob. I am happy that I am a member and I am able to write what is on my mind while earning a decent living and hopefully helping and inspiring others as well. While being able to improve my skills as a writer.
  • I feel grateful that I have family and that some of my family lives close by. It is nice that we get along and can spend time together and have fun.
  • I appreciate the fact that my YouTube channel continues to grow. I have put so much work into it and it is nice to see that hard work pay off. I enjoy helping others with my ASMR videos and I also like that I am able to make a little extra money doing something that I am pretty good at too.
  • I am thankful that my Mom has been so supportive and helpful lately. It means a great deal to me that she cares and helps me when I need it. I really have needed that help and I’m glad she is there.

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