Feeling Super Exhausted From Today

I have what feels like a rather exhausting day today. I wasn’t able to sleep until late last night or early this morning really. I ended up getting out of bed a little after 12 in the afternoon. I love waking up in the morning but it just wasn’t happening for me today.

I have been working pretty much since I woke up. I wrote 6 blog posts already. This one makes my 7th. I made over 6000 points on Rabadaba which is equal to about 60 cents. I also straightened my hair and cleaned for about 50 min.

I stopped at the gas station near me and got a snack some cigarettes and a lotto ticket. It is now a little after 8. So all in all I have been being productive and working for about 7 almost 8 hours or so but I just feel absolutely drained. I guess I should stop and eat something.

I haven’t really eaten today. I would imagine that may help me gain a little more energy if nothing else. I still have a lot more to do. After this blog post I have 17 more that I have to try and finish by 11 when my point limit for the day refreshes.

I also want to make a YouTube video. I still need to get my makeup on and change for that. The video itself won’t take long it is just preparing for it that takes the most time. I still have to finish my laundry and unload the dishwasher. Put all the dishes away and what not.

Then if there is anytime left I really want to try to reach as close to 233,000 points on Rabadaba as I possibly can. My goal is to reach at least 300,000 points by payday on Friday. So much to do so little time it seems.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Super Exhausted From Today

  1. try some incence with smell to relieve your stress,thats how I did when I am tired from work.It works!

  2. @sadiemarie there are days we are really get exhausted part of the day I should say.

  3. I have not been resting at night so exhausted during day

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