Adding On To My To Do List

Earlier I wrote a to do list of things that I wanted to accomplish today. I am glad that I was able to get so much done already. I feel so good about that. I started small but got everything done. My list included cleaning for 30 min. My place really needed that. I still have a lot of cleaning to do but at least spending 30 min cleaning made some what of a difference.

I just put on some headphones and started cleaning up. I also am trying to earn as much as possible on Rabadaba by payday. My goal is to reach at least 300,000 rabs or $30 by the 15th or payday. I am now a little over 99,000 away from meeting that goal. But at least I was able to be productive and spend some time doing that.

I also managed to write a couple of blogs here today. I am able to write up to 24. This makes my 3rd one. So since I finished everything I am going to make a plan to do more things and be productive today.

I want to write at least 3 more blog posts here on blogjob including this blog post.That should be easy enough to do. I also want to spend at least 20 more min cleaning. I also want to reach at least 201,000 points or more on Rabadaba. Then I want to post at least twice on Tsu and also I want to straighten and style my hair.

If there is time later I am hoping to make at least a video or two to publish on my YouTube channel but I will plan for that later if I can. For now I will focus on these goals and then set some more as the day goes on if I can finish all of them.


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