Starting Hypnotherapy

So I have had a hard and painful past. A not so good childhood and some tramatic moments even as an adult. I count my blessings and try to be appreciative of my life but sometimes Depression just takes the best of me. It isn’t easy to deal with everything that I have been through.

I really want to heal, and overccome my past. I know I can’t erase what has been done but I at least want to try and live my life from here on out as best as I can. I have had talk therapy before. It helped to some extent but really didn’t do too much for me.

A doctor at my doctor’s office does hypnotherapy. I have seen him a few times. I talked a bit about my life and my past. But I haven’t done hypnotherapy with him yet. Last session we did a past history and I explained a bit about my life and things that I had gone through. I will be seeing him once a week.

Next week I am looking forward to starting hypnotherapy with him. I know dreams are part of your feelings, emotions and subconsious and mine have been so dramatic and vivid lately. Maybe getting hypnotherapy will help me better understand my feelings that I have deep down. That way I am able to do something about them.

I also hope that it can change my mindset and my habits so that I am able to live a happier and more fufilled life. He said that it would take about 4 months or so of hypnotherapy to see the ful effects. I hope that is true. I guess sometime by around june of this year hopefully if it works I will be in a better spot at least emotionally.


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