Planning My Day

Writing down your goals can help you be successful. I really need to start writing down my daily, maybe even weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I think it would be a huge improvement in my life if I did that. I also need to work a bit on time management.

Today is almost over with but perhaps I can plan a little around tomorrows plans and plan out my day a bit. At least have a rough idea of what I need to get done and hopefully I can manage to make it all happen.

I of course need to do my online work and make money. The maximum number of points I am able to earn on here is 1200 or 24 blog posts. I may have to write down or brainstorm some ideas as far as what I am going to write. But I think that I can find the time if nothing else to do that.

After that another goal of mine would be to reach the maximum number of posts and shares over on Tsu which is 15 shares and 30 posts. If I try to do maybe 3 or so each hour I should be able to complete that by the end of the day.

I want to aim for at least 10,000 points over on Rabadaba. I know that is a lot but if I focus on it I could probably get at least somewhere close to that number.

I also would like to film 2 videos for my main ASMR channel and at least one video for my other ASMR beauty channel. I want to try and promote or share some of my videos at least ten times or more.

After that I want spend at least 30 min or so cleaning my place. I’d imagine I’d be able to find at least 30 min to do all of that.

One thought on “Planning My Day

  1. Yep you’re right! That is also what my manager said to us when we were taking our OJT.

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