Making Over $450 On A Social Network Fast

I know most social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram don’t really pay you. Sometimes companies will offer sponsorships to those that are very popular on social media sites to endorse products. But for the average every day person like you and me there isn’t much hope to really get paid.

I am on YouTube and have had that channel for almost a year now. Youtube is pretty much like a social network but it takes a ton of hard work to even make a little bit over there. I have had my channel, ASMR Sadie for a little over a year and now I tend to make on average about .80 cents to $1 most days. Its possible to make something over there but it isn’t easy.

I joined another social network Tsu Maybe a week or two after they first started back in October 2014. It took me spending 8 plus hours per day most days for a long time just to get over 12,100 followers and 5000 friends. I have almost 500 in my imidiete down line meaning that I make a larger percentage from what they make and over 3000 in my network or people that my Tsu children have invited that a make an even smaller percentage from. Yet still it took me about 10 months to make and redeem my first Tsu check for  $100.

On the Rabadaba app I have made and recieved over $450 in 2 months time. Rabadaba is similar to instagram but much funner and you only need 100,000 rabs or $10 to receive a payment via paypal each 15th of the month. Rabadaba doesn’t limit you as Tsu does on how much or how often you can post. You even are rewarded for liking and disliking posts as well as sharing other members posts too. It is easy to make money from Rabadaba and you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to do so.

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