Hoping To Make More Money Online

I wish that I was able to make so much more money online then I currently am. I guess I should try to max out the amount that I can make each and every single day. I have to admit that it isn’t easy with having both fibromyalgia and deppresion but I have to try my hardest to change that. I need to work on it and make it a habit.

I am able to make up to about $12 per day here on blogjob. It isn’t just about the money but you do need money to get by. If I wrote about 24 blog posts per day I would be able to reach that amount. I enjoy writing I just have been putting it off for so long. Hopefully I can start writing as much as I use to. That would mean at least $360 per month.

I Make a little each day with my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie I do it because I enjoy helping others in a creative way but I still need to make a living as well. I wish I had enough time and energy to make at least a video or two on my channel each day. I tend to make on average about 80 cents or somewhere around $25-$27 or so per month. I realize that isn’t much but every little bit does help.

I am allowed 15 shares and 30 posts on Tsu each day. I haven’t been even getting close to maxing those out each day. If I was able to do that I might end up making a dollar or so each day. It would mean somewhere around $30 maybe less, maybe more each day but all those ways combined could mean $400 plus per month.

I also earn a little bit on Rabadaba each day. I bet you if I spent the rest of my spare time on Rabadaba I could earn maybe somewhere close to $1.50 or so most days. That would be about $45.

So all in all I could earn about $500 if I put in work. I might be able to make a little more if I spent more time on other writing sites and what not. I would be doing well if I could somehow make $1500-$2000 at least each month. I wish I knew how but I still have to figure out how to manage making the money doing what I already know how to do.

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