Having Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia maybe 2 years or so ago. It is horrible having this disorder. For me luckily I don’t experience pain very often. I know for many fibromyalgia sufferers they sometimes experience wide spread pain on a constant bases.

Luckily I only tend to have pain when I have a flare up. That seems to be maybe a few times or so per year. Occasionally I will experience a bit of pain but it never seems to be all that bad. I am very thankful for that at least.

For me the worst part about it seems to be the chronic exhaustion and tiredness that I feel pretty much every single day. It tends to take me a while just to get out of bed which I hate. Then it takes a great deal out of me just to accomplish a few tasks.

I hate it. I feel so lazy but my body just doesn’t seem to have enough energy to really do as much as I would like. It can be rather frustrating. I make plans each day and maybe if I am lucky I will get a small portion of them done. I am such a go getter and so ambitious that it kills me that I am not able to get what I want done.

I fight it most days. I try to get things done but it is never easy. Some days I take a break and rest and relax for the most part but I still try to get at least a little work done even when I am crazy exhausted.

I am hoping that hypnotherapy may help me get out of this funk and also help me with energy and motivation. Sometimes it just takes over my entire body and even if I want to I can’t do much. But I have hope that I can improve it at least to some extent.

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