Goals For Tonight

Well it is already 9:30 at night right here. I got a late start. I woke up pretty late. I doubt I will be able to accomplish all of tonights goals but I am going to try to get as close as I possibly can. I want to get as close to my maximum number of points that I can earn here on Blogjob tonight. I am able to earn up to 1200.

I have already written about 6 blog posts this will be my 7th I believe. It is a lot more writing then I have done in a long time. I would be able to write up to 24. So I have a lot more writing to do and I have to be done by 11 at night. That is when my point limit for the day starts over.

Another goal of mine is to reach 200,000 points on Rabadaba. I need to earn about 7000 almost 8000 more to reach that amount. I don’t know if I will be able to make it but I sure as heck am going to try and get as close to that amount as I possibly can.

If there is any time left after all of that I want to try and max out my allowed posts and shares on Tsu. I haven’t done that in a long while. I want to start getting in the habit of doing that. Then I would like to try and make some time to make at least a Youtube video or two.

We shall see how that all goes. I may end up trying to stay up late tonight. I am not too sure what my plans are but I really want to get things done. I am tired of being lazy and not accomplising very much each day. It can be fustrating but I am determined to make it all happen if I have the time and energy for it all.


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