Goals For 2016

I have so many goals but I am going to try setting and reaching realistic goals for this year. Here are some of my goals for 2016.

  1. I want to get in the habit of writing at least 24 blog posts here on blog job each and every day. I think I should be able to make that happen most days.
  2. I want to start making or uploading at least one video per day on my Youtube channel. It isn’t all that hard I just have to do my hair and makeup. Make myself look presentable so I think I could do that.
  3. I want to end up having at least 5000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I now have over 2400 and I think with me sharing and promoting videos plus uploading daily if I am able to that shouldn’t be too hard to make happen. At least I hope.
  4. I would like to start and finish hypnotherapy. He said it would take about 4 months. I guess he is taking a vacation in Feb. But Maybe in June or July I should be done. That will be a great start to summer 2016!
  5. I would like to start posting the max amount of posts plus the max amount of shares each day on Tsu. I don’t make much over there but maybe if I was a little more active I could end up making a dollar or so per day. It isn’t much but that would be around 365 a year. It really would help me a great deal.
  6. Another goal of mine for this year is to declutter my place and also to try to keep everything organized and in its place. I think that would help me feel so much better and maybe even get me a little more motivated.
  7. I want to try to aim for 10,000 points on the daily earned on Rabadaba if I have the time after everything else. I’d imagine I would but time will only tell.


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