First Year As an ASMR Artist On YouTube

I have had my ASMR Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie  for almost a year now. I started my channel on Jan 6th 2015 I have come a long way since my first video.

I am getting better and better at making videos. I have learned a great deal as an ASMR artist as well as a youtuber. I still have a long way to go but I have grown immensely compared to my first ever Youtube ASMR video.

I am sure that it will take me tons more videos before I get it right. I now have 228 videos published on my first ASMR channel and even created a second ASMR channel: ASMR Sadie Beauty I really enjoy making ASMR videos. I am so happy that I am able to help others in such a positive and creative way.

My first, original ASMR channel I currently have 2342 subscribers. I am hoping to reach 10,000 as soon as I possibly can so that I am able to film for free as much as I would like in the Youtube Space in L.A. I am sure it will take a while to reach that point but I am looking forward to it.

Most of my videos tend to get between 300 to several thousands of views. One of my most popular videos now has over 22,000 views. I wish all of my videos did as well as that one. Or even as close to as many views as that.

I just ordered some lighting the other day. I am hoping it will help improve the quality of my videos. I wish that I could afford to get all the high tech equipment that I need to make the best videos right away. But it would be at least a couple thousands of dollars more. So I guess I will have to save up for it.

Here is my most recent YouTube video:


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