How To Be Successful On Rabadaba

Rabadaba is a social networking app. You get paid to post content such as photos, text posts, audio and videos. You are even paid to vote or dislike and like content as well as for sharing content that other people post when someone upvotes or likes the post that you shared. The great thing about Rabadaba is that there aren’t any limits to how much you can earn per day. They pay you via paypal on the 15th of every month, once you reach 100,000 rabs which is equal to $10.

I have been a member there about 6 weeks now. I made almost $67 the first pay period, last month that I already received. Now I have made over $80 and there is still a few days until payday. I am doing very well on the rabadaba app and enjoy it a lot. I have to admit that it can be rather addicting.

If you are a member on there or interested in joining I will give you some tips on how to succeed on rabadaba. Be sure to fill out your profile. Add a profile picture even if you don’t feel comfortable with having a photo of yourself as your profile image, you can always have a photo of something else. Also make sure that you fill out your bio. Tell other members a little about yourself. It is a social community after all.

Post content or “Dab” as much as you are able to. Make it unique content created by you. Share your story. Others will appreciate you for that. Don’t beg for followers, shotouts or tips. But instead follow and interact with other members that you like. Leave meaningful comments on posts that you find interesting.

Share “Redab” other members content that you like as much as you can. Go on tons of upvote “liking” sprees often. You and the original poster receive a rab or a point when you upvote on there content. Be sure to favorite the content that you like. This is a way of showing others that you liked there content, and maybe they will stop by your page and return the favor.

Most importantly be yourself, enjoy the company of the other members, spread the love and have fun. Success will come to you if you keep that all in mind.

If you aren’t already a member you can find Rabadaba in the apple app store as well as in the google play store. My user name is Sadiemarie on rabadaba.

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  1. is this a paying site?thanks.

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