Making More Money Online

Making money online is my main sorce of earned income right now. I really need to start working on making more money. I at least need to fully optimize my online money making sources as much as I can. For example I am allowed up to 45 posts per day on Tsu. Since I hardly make 30 to 40 cents per day over there I hardly use tsu anymore.

But maybe if I ended up trying to post the max number of posts I may end up making at least $1 or so most days. Then I can make up to $12 per day over here on Blogjob. That could easily be accomplished with just 24 blog posts. I think I could do that.

It takes about an hour to write between 5-6 blog posts. That means between 3-4 hours per day spent doing something that I enjoy anyways, writing and blogging. Not too bad.

So that is at least somewhere around $13 I could make spending no more then 4-5 hours. Then I make about $1 for ever 1000 views that I get on my Youtube channel. Most of my videos tend to get at least 100 views. They typically get about 300 or more sometimes even thousands of views.

So say on average my videos got about 333 views that means $1 per 3 videos that I published on my YouTube channel. Considering most my videos are between a couple min and ten or so on avg. That isn’t bad.

Now I don’t want to overload my viewers and post too many videos but say I did up to 6 and they all ended up getting a total of 2000 views or so. That is an extra $2 just by spending maybe an hour filming and publishing videos that help other people. So that would make at least $15 or so that I could make online.

After that I can also make a couple of dollars per day at least on the rabadaba app. So maybe $17 at least that I could make. If I started also blogging on dailytwocents as well as personapaper and also using poostloop I think that it is possible that I could make about $20.

I may have to spend close to 8-10 hours per day or so but there is the potential that I could make way more then I currently do because some of my content could make me some what of a passive income.

2 thoughts on “Making More Money Online

  1. Hi Sadie. Great post. You do a lot girl! Question: how do you make a dollar a day here? How does that work?

  2. You can increase your posts by completing certain tasks on here.

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