Clearing Up Space

There is hardly any storage on my iphone. I am trying my best to clear up as much space as I can. Icloud stopped sending me updates on new emails I receive through my email address with them and I really need to access it.

Such a hassle to say the least. I am trying to access all of my emails and try to delete as much as possible on the computer here at my apartment’s business office. I have tens of thousands of emails so this may take a while.

It is faster doing it on the computer vs doing it on my phone manually. At least I am able to search for what I need and then delete it all in bulk instead of checking off tons of emails to delete. I think that I have something like 50,000 or a bit more then that at least what is loading in the way of emails. Kind of intense but hopefully I can get through it within a few weeks or much sooner if I have the time to dedicate to that.

I wish that I had been keeping up on it instead of just letting it go as I had been. Might have been considerably easier had I keep on top of it. But none the less I am sure that I can figure it all out in due time.

It will mean a lot of work but I am sure that I can manage. I must have deleted at least a thousand or so in under an hour so that isn’t too bad all things considered. Maybe next time I get a new Iphone I can get one with much more storage then this one currently has so I will not have to deal with it any longer.


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