My Obsession

I recently found this new app. It is a social network app called Rabadaba. I am absolutly just completly 100 percent obssesed with this app. I know I have mentioned it before but I am going to talk about Rabadaba once again, because quite honestly I just can’t get enough of it.

I have been a member there for almost a month. I have made over $66 that I was paid after being a member on there only a little over 2 weeks. After almost a month I have made nearly $100. Just from sharing photos, text posts, videos and even sharing content that other members have posted as well.

I even make money when I like or dislike a post. The great thing about this app is that when you post or reshare content it doesn’t matter when someone upvotes it giving you a point. It could be as soon as you post it or many months later. They still give you the points. So all the content that you post or other member’s content that you share is really in a way like an investment.

They even allow you, other memebers and even the people that run the app to tip you points. It is a fun app too. I would really compare it something like a mixture of Instagram, with a little bit of twitter, and facebook. But it is a free app in the itunes app and google play for android stores. So I would say check it out! Or even visit there website

Rabadaba is currently only available as a mobile app but you can still visit there website to kind of get a feel for it prior to downloading the app if you would like. I know recently I have been talking about Rabadaba a great deal, but it is really a great way to make easy money from home! Plus it is fun I can’t even stress that enough. And it isn’t like I am getting paid to say all of this. I am just sharing my honest oppionon with you all.

I have been a member on Tsu for over a year. I have 3000 in my network, over 557 people that I get a percentage from who joined in my downline, on top of that I have well over 11500 followers and almost 5000 friends. With Tsu your posts get views. I seem to make about $1 per 6000-7000 views over there.

33% off of my active downline and a bit less from those in my network. Still I only make 30 cents or so per day. Tsu even now has pop up ads and video ads yet I still make hardly anything. I use to spend all day on Tsu trying to make just a little bit.

Now I spend maybe 20 min spread out per day over on Tsu and several hours per day at least on Rabadaba. I avg. out daily on Rabadaba between $3-$10 most days! Not bad for sharing a photo of a dog, a selfie or writing I am reading a book or something simple like that. And currently they don’t even use ads on this app! I’m loving it!

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  1. I have not heard about this app so far.

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