Promoting Like Crazy

I have been a member on the social networking site, Rabadaba for almost a month now. I am just absolutely addicted to the app. It is amazing. It is very similar to Instagram maybe mixed with a little facebook, but it pays you when someone likes your content or upvotes it you get a point. I tend to make about $2-$5 sometimes even more with the app per day.

I have been promoting the rabadaba app like crazy. Over 500 times so far and I plan on promoting way more then that too. It really is an addictive app and the added aspect of getting paid too really helps. We get paid via Paypal on the 15th of every month as long as we have at least 100,000 rabs or points which is equal to $10

I have already gotten paid over $66 with the rababada app and received the money in my bank. That was after about 2 1/2 weeks using the app. Just for posting and sharing pics and text posts and what not. So cool. I already made over $20 recently. So I have been on there almost a month and have made over $86! I think I have now been there maybe a bit over 3 weeks.

So to make $90-$100 just starting out per month posting, liking, and sharing other member’s posts, pictures, selfies, text posts and what not. To me that is amazing! Especially around Christmas time! Who couldn’t use an extra $100 or so to pay for gifts?! Even $50 would not be a bad deal at all.

I am going to keep on promoting Rabadaba way more. We currently have a little over 7200 members, which isn’t bad considering the app started just a few months ago. I hope we can reach several hundred members. Maybe even millions by next year! I am sure we can make it happen.

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