My Computer Crashed

I am not entirely sure what happened. I was on the phone with Apple support, trying to figure out how to get my apple account set up once again. They decided to suspend it to be safe since a recent app I was using, “Klink” had some security issues. With my recent phone update my phone wasn’t working properly as is. So I had to access my computer to try and fix the problem.

They had me download iTunes and things like that. Afterwards maybe a day or so later my computer keep crashing. It wouldn’t let me access anything. Sometimes it would load but then it would shut off. unfortunately, I hadn’t set up a restore date. So that appears to not even be an option. I might be able to try spending loads of money to see if someone can fix whatever is going on with it.

My other route is maybe buying another laptop sometime in the not too distant future. Something cheap that will at least work for my online work. If not I do have the computer at my apartment’s business center. All though unfortunately it is only open during business hours. So I have to adjust my schedule if I end up going that route. I did get a keyboard for my ipad. It isn’t bad but is slightly inconvenient to say the least.

Hopefully whatever is going on can be fixed. If not I suppose I will just have to splurge on a new computer sometime here soon. Such a hassle. I am not sure what happened exactly but it is still something that I have to deal with no matter what did happen. Such a shame but it is what it is. Not much you can do other then solve the problem. lol

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